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The London Print Studio

Based in West London, The London Print Studio are an artist-run, not-for-profit organisation that provides educational resources in the graphic arts for artists, community organisations, education institutions and the public. I had the chance to visit it the other day and I found some nice visuals and crafted books. It is worth a visit

Hackney WickED is back

After a break last year for the Olympics, the Hackney WickED Festival is back in its sixth year, designed to celebrate the area’s many creatives. Hackney Wick has the highest density of artists in the world, from weekend amateurs to Bridget Riley. With more than 350 participating artists, Hackney WickED is a good place to see nice creative stuff and taste some bits of good food. There are open studios and bigger exhibitions in the area’s galleries. The right place to have a wick-end!

Type Tasting

Last week I went to visit Type Tasting Studios. They are in Dalston and it was a “open gallery” day. Type Tasting workshops are tailored sessions in which participants experiment with type and explore its expressive qualities.
At this time hey were introducing the new Typography Emporium. Here you can see the online shop with all the different “type” christmas cards, etc designed by Sarah Hyndman of With Relish…

2012’s Graphic Design Walk

This is a very interesting event. You have to book in advance but then you go to a starting point where the organisers give you a map with all the studios and designers and then you can visit their places of work and talk to them. This year the common theme was “celebrating the work and practice of London’s female designers” so all the participants were females.

We met very interesting people like Bianca Wendt, Mireille Fauchon, Kapitza, Emma Williams, Trockenbrot, LB Design, Sabina, Louise O’Reilly… in their studios. Book designers, illustrators, graphic designers… very nice people to chat with and talk about mutual experiences and work and exchange business cards.

Some of them with a long working experience in London, some others young and full of new ideas: